This Viral Maccas Drivethru Story Is The Next ‘Gulls On A Frankston Train

Look. You’re going to come at me with your Maccas drive thru stories, claiming that they’re the best. You’re going to do that. I respect that. Everyone has one. But before you do, I ask that you read this one, embedded below for your reading pleasure. 
Josh Raby is a director in Nashville, Tennessee, and he says he had a baffling experience at his local restaurant. It has everything you could possibly want: a Maccas drive thru, a wild married couple, making out, discount apple pies.
For his part, Raby has been slammed by media who want a slice of the purity that is an absolute true blue Maccas drive through yarn, delivered hot and fresh to your inbox. He says some “House of Cards shit” is going down in his Messages inbox, from investigators who don’t think it happened.

A local McDonald’s owner told the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle that the story was “too crazy to believe” and that Raby sounds like “a yo-yo, an idiot person”. Look, maybe. But nobody can possibly dispute that deeply weird shit happens past 11pm at McDonalds. It’s a strange, eldritch place in which the possible is limitless and the limitless is possible.

This could be a new Frankston seagull story – a story so bizarre and wonderful, with a tangential relationship to fries – that is slowly and methodically debunked by those who won’t allow us to immerse ourselves in a beautiful lie.
Source: Twitter.
Image: Getty Images / Scott Olson