This Story About A Jilted Bride & Her Vengeful Bridesmaids Is So Damn Wild

When Twitter was first invented in 2006, it was mostly used by Twitter employees to announce what they were having for lunch.

Since then, it’s quickly devolved to be the place where news is both broken and developed, where at any given time several million people are arguing with each other in real time about the world’s most sensitive issues. Without Twitter, the culture wars would be confined to Andrew Bolt‘s blog, which without the hate-reading viewer numbers, would quickly be rendered obsolete.

Yep, we miss the old Twitter, too.

But once in a blue moon, some wild story that touches on the very fabric of our collective humanity is shared via Twitter, and somehow the whole cesspool becomes worth it.

And this story – courtesy of Texan Twitter user Starlight Witch – has it all: a jilted bride, a live-streamed Vegas wedding and a revenge plot colder than ‘Kill Bill‘.

Enjoy x x.