Ahhhhhhhh, beautiful, fair Australia

This country prides itself on having a bit of a honour system; believing that people are good and will do the right thing. 

But, we tend to forget that there’s some absolute gronks out there who absolutely do not give a shit, and will be shitheads at the drop of an Akubra. 

Case in point: this note found on a car by Sydney bloke, Nayte L Howarth.

Walking up to your car and seeing a note always makes your heart drop a lil’ – has someone hit my car? Is it badly damaged? Have they left the right details for insurance? Do they even have insurance? 

Luckily, the black Jeep wasn’t actually Nayte‘s car – he was just walking past and saw it. 

However, whoever’s car it actually *was* is in for a nasty shock, because the ‘note’ that the aforementioned gronk left wasn’t insurance details, or even an ‘I’m so sorry fellow human, but I don’t have insurance or any money and I’ve just bloody panicked, haven’t I‘ note.

Just look at it:

This Note Left After A Sydney Car Accident Is The Most Gronk Shit Ever

In case you can’t read it: 

“Sorry I hit your car, there’s no scratches but someone was watching me. 

Your car’s shit anyway. Shouldn’t of [sic] blocked me in. 

Learn how to park, cunt. xx”

This Note Left After A Sydney Car Accident Is The Most Gronk Shit Ever


Someone was having an insanely bad day. They were revelling so much in their uncontrollable anger that they legitimately signed their rude as hell “learn to park, cunt” note with kisses. 

That is a some cold-ass shit right there. 

Source: Facebook / Nayte L Howarth