This Mysterious Disney-Themed Cards Against Humanity Set Is Mickey Grouse

Whilst Cards Against Humanity, the card game for deviants to create problematic lols inside the safe confines of a drunken dinner night, has almost passed its heyday imho, but the old girl’s got some kicks in it left if this Disney themed set is anything to go by.

Supposedly an “official” set that was posted to CAH’s Facebook before hastily being deleted, the screenshots floating around could very well be fan-made, but I guess that’s neither here nor there as regardless of origin and very much in line for the “card game for horrible people” they are both sick and hilarious.
If you’re yet to encounter Cards Against Humanity, how it all works is you compete to use your white cards (below) to fill in blanks on the black cards (above) and make filthy comedy gold.
As you can see, thanks to Instagram user Chez‘s “screenshots”, some of the grot Disney related sentences one can make include “Me Tarzan, you Bambi’s dead mother.” (#TooSoon) as well as “Let it go, let it go. Vaginal burns from Lumiere never bothered me anyway”.
Righto then.
Again we’re not sure how ~official~ these are, but I mean, it’s literally just words written on black and white cards so… it’s not the hardest thing to imitate.
Enjoy, you sickos.
Source: Popsugar.
Picture: Frozen.