This ‘Making A Murderer’/’Simpsons’ Mashup Is All Things Good & Great

ICYDK, New York Magazine and Vulture continue to make the Internet a better place with A+++ pop culture remixes: there’s one where Leonardo DiCaprio stars in an adaptation of The Oregon Trailone where Batman v Superman is set in 1949 and one where The Avengers is made over as a rom-com (it’s weird, it works). 

But this one is their best collab yet: the trailer for Netflix doco series ‘Making a Murderer’ reimagined as a Simpsons ep, with Homer as embattled Manitowoc County outsider Steven Avery and Chief Wiggum / the Springfield Police Department filling the equally corrupt shoes of Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department.

It’s bloody impressive how many shot-for-shot recreations they were able to piece together, only with Mr Burns the centre of the murder investigation and not photojournalist Teresa Halbach, whose 2005 murder and the alleged framing of Avery for the crime by local police is the foundation for the TV show.

Missing but not forgotten: lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, the world’s unlikeliest pin-ups.

Source and photo: Vulture.