This Instant Ramen Has All The Nutrients Needed To Live So BRB Living Off Noodles Forever

Uni students rejoice because it looks like living off a diet of purely instant noodles might actually be okay for you with this new invention from the company behind Cup Noodle.

Instant noodles are the best. They’re cheap, they’re instant, and you don’t need any cooking or life skills to be able to prepare them. They’re a uni student’s best friend. But unfortunately they don’t really have a very high nutrient content, so you probably shouldn’t eat them every day.

Nissin, arguably the best in the biz when it comes to instant noodles, might’ve just solved that “you can’t live off instant ramen” problem your mum lectured you about in uni. Their new product that is about to hit shelves this month claims to contain “all of the nutrients your body needs.” See ya later B12 deficiency!

All-in Noodles are the latest product to hit the Nissin website, which currently stocks a range of weird ass noodle products like this noodle bouquet (*saves to wedding pinterest*).

Each pack contains approximately a third of your daily intake of 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals, protein, and dietary fibre. So basically, if you have a pack for each meal of the day you’ll have a pretty balanced, healthy diet. Is that an excuse to eat noodles for every meal? I think it is!

Unlike regular noods, All-in noodles have a nutrient-packed core that’s covered with a tasty coating that rivals the regular Cup Noodles. As shown below, the good stuff (nutrient-wise) is wrapped up in the yummy noodle coating, which also means that these bad boys have 40% less carbs than regular instant noodles.

So, my guess is they probably won’t be quite as tasty, but nothing healthy ever tastes like MSG-covered noodles anyway.

They’re releasing a plain noodle in a bag, as well as three flavour varieties in cups, because who needs a bowl when your food comes pre-packaged in a cup?

The three brothless flavours (mazesoba) are:

Abura Ramen – A standard ramen flavour with spicy rayu oil, chashu pork, and spring onions.

Tom Yum – Thai-inspired coconut milk and lemongrass flavour.

Tantan – A smokey Szechuan flavour.

Honestly, this product sounds like an incredible idea. Is this the part in history where instant ramen solves world hunger and malnutrition? I sure hope so.

The bag of noodles costs 400 yen, while the flavoursome cups will set you back 600 yen. Even with the Aussie dollar being absolute garbage right now, that’s still only $5.50-$8.30 for a packet of ramen that is filled with important nutrients. I know uni students are broke, but if you stocked up in bulk you get a bit of a discount, so this could actually be a viable option.

The noodles are available for preorder on the Nissin website now, with deliveries being shipped out from August 19.

Now, please excuse me while I stock up on instant noodles to get me through the zombie apocalypse.