This Huge Aussie Brekkie Platter Is A Lone Beacon Of Hope In Troubled Times

It’s a truth nationally acknowledged that Saturday nights are reserved for partying and Sundays between 9am and 12:30pm are for eggs bene and a robust bean. 

Now, in what we’ve been assured is an Australian first – nay, a WORLD first – a Sydney café has masterminded the Nirvana of breakfasts. The Holy Grail of gluttony. The Monster Truck of morning foods.

‘Scuse me while we unbutton our pants and wipe the drool off our double chin.
Platform Eighty Two, in Concord West, has been selling their breakfast mountain – available for up to six people – for 4 weeks now, and the punters are bloody lovin’ it.

“So far the response has been very good, they’re very popular,” manager Anthony Piazza tells PEDESTRIAN.TV. “It’s a challenge keeping up with the sheer volume of orders coming through!”
How did the beautiful idea come about, pray tell?
“We didn’t want people to have to choose between their favourite breakfast or brunch foods, so this is a way they can get a little bit of everything – everything we offer on our regular breakfast menu is on the tower.”
By everything, we mean everything: bacon, avocado, eggs three ways, goats’ cheese, sausage patties, crispy smoked pork belly, pancetta, bacon, mushroom, hash browns, roast tomato and toast. 
Last, but not least, is the dessert – fluffy pancakes, French toast or waffles, depending on what the chef is feelin’. 
You know what they say: the higher the breakfast mountain, the closer to God.

Get in and around that sweet, sweet thang at Platform Eighty Two, 82 Queen St, Concord West, Sydney.