Dads and camera don’t mix: we know this to be true.

This Girl’s Duffer Of A Dad Legit Filmed The Wrong Person At Her Graduation

But in what may be the most epic #DadFail of 2K17 (so far), a bloke who definitely won’t be up for Father Of The Year mistakenly filming the wrong girl at his daughter’s graduation ceremony.

Bristol-born graduate Georgia Wilde, of the University of the West of England, caught her dad pointing his camera at a classmate who definitely wasn’t her as the procession filed into the university hall.

“That’s someone else,” says Wilde as she walks past, looking utterly bewildered that he’s managed to fuck up that badly. 

Dad Tony immediately starts laughing at the mix-up, telling her: “I got carried away then! I was looking at the wrong one, weren’t I.” 

The 11-second vid has, as you can imagine, gone incredibly viral because we can all see a little bit of our Dad in Wilde’s.

Please enjoy:

What makes this story even better? Wilde was graduating with a degree in… filmmaking.

Dads: gotta love ’em.

Photo: Facebook / Georgia Wilde.