This Cranky Adelaide Man Trudging Straight Into A Pole Will Make Your Year

Few of us ever see our nemeses own themselves in spectacular style. Fewer still manage to catch the moment on dashcam. Luckily for one Adelaide driver – and even more luckily for us – he managed to do so, and uploaded the whole thing.

There’s seriously not too much to this one. After approaching a pedestrian crossing at a considerable nip, a red-hatted dog-walker gives the driver a little what-for. Fingers wags. “Piss off” is muttered. The spaniel is oblivious.

Then, it happens. Still focussing his energies on being mad at the driver, the hatted man saunters head-on into a pole, to the delight of the invisible narrator. And to everyone else, really.

We’re taking a no-harm, no-foul approach to this one. Just a casual bonk on the noggin, some fist-clenching, and a yacht rock outro. What else could you ask for?
Actually, you could ask for millions of views, which is exactly what this one has received. At time of writing, the clip has racked up over six million views, not including rips or the inevitable gif versions. 
Source and photo: YouTube.