This Clip Is The Surest Proof Yet Melania Trump Hates Donald’s Stinkin’ Guts

If a picture says 1,000 words, the latest clip of President Peen (hope you’re chill with our exclusive use of that term to describe Donald Trump for at least the next four years, possibly forever) and First Lady Melania Trump interacting on Inauguration Day says a whole fucking encyclopedia about their relationship.
It’s so deliciously icy that plenty of people didn’t believe it was real, speculating someone had reversed or otherwise doctored it – until someone pinpointed the exact same moment two hours and 51 minutes into CNN‘s broadcast of the historically unfortunate event.
May we present the clearest visual proof yet that one Melania Knauss Trump is, in fact, much more relatable than originally thought and loathes her husband as much as the rest of us.

Still not convinced?
Here they are ‘holding hands’.

And ‘kissing’, as lovers do.


Photo: Alex Wong / Getty.