This $1K Ticket Will Get You Into Stacks Of Kick-Ass Festivals Worldwide

We have well and truly entered the Age of the Festival. A location-specific flower child costume, a desire to camp at the lowest point of a muddy river valley and the urge to wear your official wristband until it becomes a tattered petri dish of memories and bacteria (mostly bacteria) have all become the hallmarks of full zeitgeist participation. 
Don’t try to deny it! People are so keen on the #festivalexperience they’ll pay upwards of $10k to visit an island with zero infrastructure and a wild dog problem. The evidence is clear: we fucken love music festivals. 
haha WOO
So prepare your glitter tattoo-adorned selves for this extremely relevant piece of news: Live Nation, the folks responsible for many of the world’s biggest music festivals, are releasing something they’re calling the Festival Passport
It’s a $1075 (US$799) one-off purchase that will get you into more than 90 festivals worldwide, including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Reading, the Meadows, Leeds Festival and a shitload more across the United States and Europe (check the link above for the full list – it’s massive). 
Best of all, if you score one of the Passports, you’ll be guaranteed entry to all the festivals, even if the event sells out. 
One small downside for us in the land that promotions forgot: it’ll only guarantee you entry to one Aussie festival, Falls Fest
One bigger downside for everyone, regardless of geographical location: there are only going to be a limited number of Passports. They go on sale May 22 US time – there’s a big countdown clock on the website – so set an alarm and stretch your clickin’ fingers. 
Is it worth it, I hear you ask? To which I shall respond with another question: will there ever be a better excuse to drop everything and embark on a round-the-world-in-80-fests trip?
I’ll save you the cognitive effort: no. This is a sign. Put in your order for 20 RompHims, kid – you’re gonna need ’em.
Source: Pitchfork.
Image: FilmMagic / Getty.