Please, For The Love Of God, Watch ‘I Think You Should Leave’

I don’t know all that much about Tim Robinson. I know he had a TV show called Detroiters, which I am yet to watch. I know he was on Saturday Night Live, a show which Americans continue to talk about as if it is very funny. I also know that he did one of the episodes of The Characters on Netflix, and that I have watched this sketch from it roughly seven million times:

Based solely on how much I liked his episode of The Characters, I was thrilled when I saw I Think You Should Leave pop up, and almost equally as thrilled to discover that it is a nice and digestible length, coming in at only six 17-minute episodes.

The show is a bunch of short sketches, each taking some sort of small social oddity and extrapolating it into something completely absurd. While this might just sound like a description of what sketch comedy is, I Think You Should Leave manages to avoid being ~random~ for the sake of it, unlike a lot of other modern sketch comedy. Robinson himself describes it as a show where people get a little embarrassed and then very angry, which covers just about every sketch in broad strokes.

You could trust me when I say that I think it is very funny or I could just insert a bunch of clips from the show and let you make your own damn mind up. Like this one:

Aaand this one:

And, hell, even this one:

The kicker? These aren’t even the best ones, in my opinion.

Produced by the Lonely Island and with guest appearances by the likes of Will Forte, Tim Heidecker, Vanessa Bayer, Fred Willard, and jazz great Herbie Hancock, I Think You Should Leave is available on Netflix right goddamn now, so chuck it on when you’re finished watching Game of Thrones, I guess.