The words “high-end art theft” conjure images of laser security systems and intricate rappelling routines. At the very least, we imagine the process involves a tactical black turtleneck. 

The reality is, uh, somewhat less glamorous. Sometimes, all it involves is traipsing into someone’s home while they’re in the process of moving. 
That’s the reality experienced by a Balmain household, who yesterday experienced the theft of Colin John McCahon’s Comet. The painting was is valued at a chill $200,000.

via New South Wales Police.

(To anyone who thinks they could have painted that: maybe you could have, but you didn’t.)

NSW Police say the 75cm wide artwork was walked from the Beattie Street residence in plain sight. They also pilfered a pair of speakers.

FWIW, McCahon was one of New Zealand’s premier artists of the 20th Century, whose work often dealt with the issues of faith, death, and the human burden of reconciling the two. 

Witnesses are urged to come forward if they’ve eyed the nightscape. To the thief, or thieves: good luck trying to offload such a notable artwork, you numpties. 

Source: The Age. 
Photo: New South Wales Police / Colon John McCahon.