An ultra popular brand of plant-based chicken nugs have been banned from entering Australia due to the inclusion of an illegal substance.

A shipment of the Impossible Foods chicken nuggets were found to contain calcium pantothenate which is a banned substance in Australia and it’s some of the worst news I’ve heard all week.

These Plant-Based Chicken Nugs Are Blocked From Entering Aus Thanks To A Banned Substance
say it ain’t so [Source: Impossible]
The shipment of plant-based chicken nugs was tested on the 3rd of January this year by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. All future shipments of this product will be held and inspected for calcium pantothenate, with past imports being destroyed or exported according to the department.

Calcium pantothenate is a form of Vitamin B5, and it does occur naturally in a lot of foods and is actually healthy in reasonable doses.

But an excess or imbalance of the vitamin can lead to serious health problems, hence the flagging of the substance.

Calcium pantothenate is not allowed in “meat analogues” sold in Australia – and this includes ya fave plant-based nuggies.

Impossible chicken nuggets are entirely plant-based, and even though their “chicken-y” taste might be good enough to fool even the most seasoned meat-eaters, the nugs are actually made with wheat and soy.

If you’ve got a box of these delish nugs floating around your freezer, consider saving them for a rainy day. Who knows, if the ban isn’t lifted soon they might become a very hot commodity.