Thermomix Tackled By The ACCC As Bulk Explosion Accusations Go Public

When people talk about burns and high-tech Germanic machines hellbent on maiming humans, they’re usually on about the Terminator, not the Thermomix. 


Well, after months of simmering complaints regarding the safety of the cult-status kitchen appliance, Choice has brought 87 known cases of faulty-as-hell Thermomixes to the ACCC. Of those, a staggering 45 involve injuries to users in the past few years, with 18 incidents requiring professional medical treatment. 

Speaking to the ABC, one woman described the injuries sustained after the lid of her unit “flew off” as “horrific”, before saying her burns nurse mentioned it wasn’t even the first case of Thermomix-inflicted burns they had come across. 
As part of a broad-reaching Mass Incident Report, Choice identified the issue as stemming from a faulty sealant rings in the (now recalled) TM31 and (not recalled) TM5 units, along with an absent safety feature which would prevent users from blending molten-hot liquids at high speeds. 
The manufacturer Vorwerk has also been copping serious heat from consumer advocacy groups for some time over their refund policy in light of those discoveries. 
Another user listed in the Choice report said “I contacted the company a number of times [and] they refused point-blank to address my concerns or to issue me with a refund.

“This is despite the fact I was burnt by hot soup when using it with the old seal.”
And that’s not even addressing the apparent non-disclosure agreements foisted upon disgruntled users, and the alleged “bullying” culture present in the company’s sales team. 
FWIW, Vorwerk has also issued a statement, saying “the safety, well being and support of our customers is and always will be our highest priority”.

The ACCC is currently scoping out all of the cases, and intends to deliver a ruling on the uber-exxy appliances soon.

If they find the appliances’ fuck-ups to be utterly systematic, we might all have to go back to making hot wet rice the old fashioned way: with time, skill, and a healthy dose of self-loathing.

Source: / ABC / Choice.