There’s No Possible Way To Out-Cute These Pics Of A Puppy With Braces

Does your soul need the visual equivalent of a warm hug? It does? Perfect, then, ‘cos we have just the thing.
Meet Wesley, a six-month-old golden retriever with BRACESARGHWTFTOOCUTETOHANDLE.
Say cheeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

His owner Molly is from Michigan, where dad Jim Moore works as a vet at the Harborfront Hospital For Animals.

Once Wes’ adult teeth started coming through, the dodgy angle at which they were growing meant he wasn’t able to fully close his mouth (it’s a legit medical condition called malocclusion). 
So it was Doggie Dentist Dad to the rescue, who helped his nephew out with the “unusual” tooth correction technique that he usually only performs about four or so times per year.
Moore fitting Wes with braces.
Sharing pics of the braces-fitting to the clinic’s Facebook page, they’ve since gone gangbusters-viral with 275K+ shares so far.
“The good news is, the correction he [Wesley] needed will be brief, perhaps only a few weeks. Also, it obviously doesn’t bother him one little bit (if you look at the “after” photo). He’s a happy little guy,” Moore said of the pics.

When people hear that Dr. Moore is a “doggie dentist,” they immediately say things like: “What? Does he put braces on…

Posted by Harborfront Hospital for Animals on Friday, February 26, 2016

Wesley will be back at his best in a matter of weeks, which is more than we could say for our teenage selves.

 Praying for ‘after’ pics 
Source and photo: Facebook / Harborfront Hospital For Animals.