Brace yourselves for this one, because you’re about to unearth some things that by all rights should have stayed buried.

Those of you with Facebook accounts will be intimately familiar with the dreaded Message Requests feature: The folder that messages from people you don’t know get corralled into before you either ignore them completely or set them on goddamned fire.
What you might not know is there is a second, extra, very well hidden *OTHER* other messages folder that contains horrors the likes of which you previously thought impossible.
Turns out that the messages that actually end up in Message Requests are themselves filtered. And you’ve secretly been copping a shittonne of notes from utter random people that have not been making the cut.
How do you dig up this barbershop of FUCK THIS?
Fire up your Messenger app. Hit up Settings. From there, select People > Message Requests > See Filtered Requests.
If you want to survive without your face melted, you might be best to not look directly at it.

And whilst you sit and scream at the litany of creepy messages/potential missed work opportunities/explanations for weird random IRL encounters/general horrifying content, you can rest assured that barely any – if any – of you would have copped one that gets close to the UTTER BATSHIT INSANITY of the one that was waiting in the folder of this particular writer.
It’s like I unearthed the Rosetta Stone, but for psychos. Good lord.
Source: Hello Giggles.