There’s A Petition Asking Belle Gibson To Give Her $45K To Charity

Earlier today, we wrote an update about Belle Gibson, the woman who now admits she faked having cancer in order help her wellness app and book, The Whole Pantry. Proceeds from the download of the app were supposedly going to multiple different charities, but it also came to light that Gibson had never delivered the money.

After being called out for making up her illness, Gibson then stated that she had had an extremely difficult childhood, looking after her mother who had Multiple Sclerosis and her brother who has autism – but this was also found to be a lie. 
Now, Gibson is doing a tell-all interview with 60 minutes, and allegedly being paid $45,000 for it. 
One commenter on our earlier story alerted us to the fact that a petition has been created that is calling for Gibson to give that money to a charity for cancer research. 
The online petition states, 
“By accepting $45,000 for her interview, Belle is sending the message that people can profit off stealing, lying and taking advantage of peoples good intentions. 

Belle, it may be impossible for you to undo the damage your lies created, but you can certainly start at charity donations. I am calling on you, Belle Gibson to donate the money received for the 60 minutes interview to cancer research, putting it on public record how sorry you are to those you hurt.