There’s A Massive Greens Sign On The Lawn Of Labor MP’s Undeclared House

David Feeney, the Labor MP for Batman, has been copping it sweet for the last few days over the revelation that he did not declare a $2.3 million house in his electorate on his parliamentary interests register. In the midst of a Labor campaign around reforming negative gearing and housing affordability, it isn’t a particularly wonderful look.

Well, looks like the tenants of that very undeclared rental property agree. They’ve put up a sign in the front yard for Feeney’s Greens challenger Alex Bhathal, as pointed out by a canny Twitter user.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, who tracked down the tenants of the house, it was a cheeky request from Bhathal’s team. “One of Alex Bhathal’s people asked us if we could put the sign up,” said Cam Spurr, one of the tenants.
So let that be a lesson to those who would consider themselves immune to declaring multimillion dollar real estate on Parliamentary interest registers: you will be humiliated before your opponents in eminently viral and shareable ways. Nobody wants that.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Twitter / @mcclementsg.