The Whole Internet Loves Eclipse Pugs, Lovely Pugs Who Mimicked The Eclipse

Yeah whatever. The world is dark and full of terrors. We know. Everything’s awful and everything hurts. We’ve heard all about it.

In these dark and troubled times what else is there to do than to cling to what little shining shred of hope we can?

Sure, we could look to world leaders or poets or philosophers or artists or great thinkers for hope. We could listen to a buncha bloody nerds and try and pull ourselves out of the muck.

But why in the name of dog would we ever do that when we can watch videos of tiny puppies reenacting the curious passage of the celestial bodies instead?

Why the hell would we ever do anything when we can watch a video of two goddamned adorable pugs mimicking the solar eclipse?


Yes, this humble little video of two tiny pugs – one representing the sun, the other (would you believe it) the moon – has enraptured the internet’s attention, racking up some 400,000+ retweets in the shade-over 24 hours since it was published.

What does it say about our overall attention span or realm of interests, that we are so easily placated and distracted by a five-second video? Does it represent a new level in the devaluing of art and thought? Is it a ruinous omen of the declining influence of academia in political discourse? Does it go part-way to explaining how sound-bite driven hyperbole and xenophobia can now ascend to the highest positions of power on the planet?

Fucken nah mate. It just means dogs are the best.


The best bit? Unlike the actual eclipse, you won’t need special glasses to look at this one. Win/win/win.