Hands up who loves ‘governmental social media cock-up’ stories? 

The US State Dept Told Spring Breakers They’re Too Ugly To Get Laid

If that isn’t every last one of you then you’re lying

Here in Australia, we have more than our fair share of them – Mike Baird‘s socmed team tweeting out a draft of his #PrayForBrussels tweet, that time Cory Bernardi accidentally quoted a neo-Nazi pedophile and deleted his entire timeline in shame – but today’s story comes from our accident-prone pals over in the United States of America.

More specifically, it comes from the State Department‘s official travel Twitter handle, who’ve been tweeting our advice / warnings to college students about to spend a week on Spring Break inhaling keg beer and bad decisions.

Some of them are solid:

Some of them contain good advice but are perhaps not worded effectively for their target audience:

And some of them are just out to tell American teens aged 17–22 that most of them are fuckin’ uggos.

The US State Dept Told Spring Breakers They’re Too Ugly To Get Laid

The internet’s responses were as swift as they were merciless:

The nation-wide mocking wasn’t resigned to just the one tweet, however – it also had a go at that one about not accepting free trips in case they came with free blow.

Within hours a parody Twitter account was set up, and quite frankly, they’re doing the lord’s work.

Sadly, In the typical way these stories always end, the original tweet has already been deleted and an apology issues. C’est la vie.

Source: U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Photo: Student City.