Now that Brexit is happening – at some point – the question inevitably turns to how the United Kingdom is going to create a thriving new trade economy without the same kind of access to the European common market. That’s not an easy question, and it’s led to some interesting claims:

But according to the UK Food and Drink International Action Plan, it’s not just tea and biscuits they’re trying to hawk to the world. Australia is considered one of seven key target markets – and the Brits reckon we’re gonna be mad keen for their froths.
“Australia offers a great opportunity for UK products,” the plan reads. “There are specific opportunities in traditional British ambient grocery products, health, well-being and free-from and alcoholic drinks (beer and cider).”

Pommy beer and cider? I’m spewing already. Sickening. If they expect us to slurp down Spitfire Gold instead of our own premium brands of bitter swill, those snaggle-toothed crims have another thing comin’, I reckon.
They’re apparently keen to run ad campaigns, so once Britain slices ties from the European Union, you might be seeing more ads on your telly for Brit froths. I say we mount a power counter-offensive. If you want to retract into some kind of immigrant-fearing nativist hell, that’s your choice – but we refuse to slurp down your coldies.
But youse can keep the Fosters.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie.