The True Hero Of The Trump / Clinton Debate Was Ken Bone, Sweater-Wearer

Folks, it’s good to know that in a deeply, deeply hostile debate, upon which the future of the world hinges, there is still space for a hero to emerge. It wasn’t Trump, with his personal attacks and constant vacillating. It wasn’t Clinton, with her question-dodging and inability to really hit at Trump’s weaknesses.

It was a red-sweatered hero by the name of Kenneth Bone (a.k.a. Ken Bone / Bone Thugs N’ Harmony / The Big Dawg / Punisher). My dude Ken asked a real basic energy question: “What will it take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly?”

Look at Ken. Indisputably the beating heart of a nation, this calm Guess Who character candidate simply sat and waited patiently for his chance to ask a highly reasonably question. He is the heartbeat of a nation.
Everyone immediately decided he was a ledge and a hero, which he is:

It took like two seconds for people to make shirts about him. That’s how efficient everybody on the planet now is at being extremely moronic:

His sweater ignited the passions of a nation.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Ken hung around at the end of the debate and took photos… on an actual disposable camera. Which still exist, apparently, and are in the possession of one Ken Bone, patriot.

Source: Twitter.