The Tragic Story Of Daniel Morcombe To Be Adapted Into Feature Length Film

In 2003, 13-year-old Brisbane boy Daniel Morcombe was abducted and murdered while waiting for a bus—a story that was felt profoundly by the nation, and one which was only resolved last year. Brett Peter Cowan was convicted of Daniel Morcombe’s murder, indecent dealings and interference with his corpse in March 2014.

At an event last night for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Daniel’s parents Denise and Bruce Morcombe announced that their family’s tragic story would be adapted into a feature-length film, with the working title, ‘Where Is Daniel?‘.

Bruce Morcombe told The Sunshine Coast Daily that it was time to tell the world Daniel’s story: “Denise and I feel we have reached a place where we can finally reveal our story in a different way.”

The film will be helmed by director Peter Cousens, and the project will be overseen by production company Heritage Films. Mr Morcombe spoke confidently of the creative partnership, saying, “We believe in their hands the world will discover our story and the legacy of Daniel from the unique perspective of a feature film.”

While the film won’t be released until at least 2018 and a script is yet to be developed, a teaser trailer for the project has already been released.

With first-person narration from the perspective of Daniel Morcombe, the teaser is a chilling insight into the thoughts behind an innocent victim. Daniel Morcombe’s story was always going to be harrowing to revisit – seeing events through his own eyes makes it even more so. Respect to Denise and Bruce Morcombe for having the bravery to put this story out there to raise awareness on child abduction and sexual harassment.

Watch the teaser below.

Brett Peter Cowan will be illegible for parole for another 19 years. Supreme Court Justice Roslyn Atkinson told the court last year after handing out Cowan’s life sentence, “Whenever anyone is considering the prospect of granting you parole in the future they should mark my words that you are a convincing, plausible and adaptable liar, and prepared to lie to advance your own interests.”

Lead image by Chris Hyde via Getty.