The Tampon Tax Is Sticking Around ‘Cos Having Your Period Sure Is A Luxury

Remember all that brouhaha about how the stuff you’ve got to shove up you in order not to ruin the upholstery once a month is actually way more expensive than it should be?
Because for some opaque reason, pads and tampons are considered to be a luxury item?
Yeah, none of that has changed.
Queensland Greens MP Larissa Waters moved in parliament today to try to get the luxury tax on sanitary items abolished. It didn’t go well. 
Her attempt to get rid of the tax was in the form of an amendment to existing legislation that would apply GST to imported good worth under $1000, but it was voted down by the LNP and Labor, 33 to 15. 
rude, frankly 
Labor’s opposition to Waters’ move is apparently because they reckon there’s a better way to do it. They’ve said that the amendment would have affected Australian retailers thanks to overseas competition.
Waters seems to think that’s a big pile of baloney. 

“The costings show the states will not be worse off – in fact they will still be $185 million ahead given the GST bill  just passed with the support of Labor and the Coalition – so there is no revenue excuse to keep balancing the budget off the back of women’s biology.”
Yet still our monthly pack of Carefree counts as a non-essential item. I’m guessing that stain-free public transport seats is also non-essential then?
Fellow bleeders: you know what to do.

Source: SMH.
Image: Facebook / Punky Moms.