The Sea Is Rising To Slowly Reclaim Melbourne

An angry and vengeful God, clearly incensed following Carlton‘s shock loss to Greater Western Sydney and the subsequent ruining of his multi, has reared up to smite the City of Melbourne and all its heretic inhabitants. Settling a centuries old debt to Poseidon by offering the city up as payment, the sea is rising up to reclaim its long lost debt. The time for escape has long past, my friends. Repent, for the watery rapture is nigh.

In all seriousness, a particularly nasty low pressure front is lashing some hellish weather down across the Victorian capital today. It looks like a cyclone, it kind of acts like a cyclone, but it isn’t quite a cyclone.

Strong winds have been toppling trees, a more-than-healthy dumping of snow is hitting Mt Buller, and the Melbourne CBD has copped a spray that would even make David Parkin cower in fear.
At high tide this afternoon, the Yarra River breached its banks.

The bar at Ponyfish Island seems to have taken the phrase “wetting one’s beak” a little too seriously.

And you can just about forget about heading to Southbank anytime soon.

Meanwhile the storm surge is making for some fairly impressive images around the Port Phillip Bay areas.

And wind gusts of up to 120km/h have been toppling shipping containers in Footscray.

High winds and heavy rain? For more on what that means, we go to Ollie Williams with the Black-u-Weather Forecast. Ollie?

Thanks Ollie.