When GST came to be in 1999, nobody was partying like it was the year the was.
J Howard throwin down that goods and services tax like
It’s been a good 18 years since the 10% tax on most goods and services sales was introduced, and while it’s tainted most of our purchases (including tampons, u bastards) it has nae touched our online goodies. Until now.
The Coalition and Labor have agreed to a plan to apply the GST to imported products worth less than $1,000 from July 1, 2018, so it looks like you should place a bulk ASOS order right about now.
In fairness, we’ve known this tax on good procured from the WWW was coming, as it was announced back in the 2016-17 Budget. It was actually meant to begin on July 1st of this year, but thankfully they realised this wasn’t feasible. But, like everything good in this darned world, the days of buying online on the cheap are numbered.
The new tax will force Aussie consumers to pay a 10% GST on all goods purchased from overseas merchants, under the value of $1,000.
The sting on imported products is going to bring the government a whopping $300 million bucks of revenue. The Greens, god bless ’em, proposed that this stream of cash should be used to cover the cost of removing the tampon tax. Of course, this idea was rejected.
TLDR; Buy your Yeezys, Korean beauty masks and Glossier products now, bitches.
Source: ABC.
Photo: The Intern.