The Rock Put Out An Alarm Clock App To Get Your Doughy Arse Out Of Bed

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The greatest man walking the face of the planet, bar none.

The man the majority of the world has a crush on has a PHD in positivity and a masters in motivation, so the news that The Great One has released an alarm clock app should come as little surprise to any of you.
And despite all that, the damned thing actually completely rules.
The Rock Clock app has apparently been in development for quite some time, and is designed to help you get the motivation you need to get your goddamned butt out of bed in the morning and go achieve that goal you’ve been putting off.
Far beyond being just a different version of your smartphone’s already built-in alarm, the app features a bunch of badass alarm tones to rouse you gently from your slumber, some of which were recorded by The Rock himself.
Feel like being woken up by The Rock strumming a guitar and singing “Good Morning Sunshine” to you? You can absolutely do that. How about the sounds of Rock’s dog Hobbs barking out a beat? Yep. That too. Or even The Rock literally mimicking an alarm clock by saying “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” over and over? This is a real thing that you can have happen to you.
The app also features daily motivational messages posted from The Rock’s phone from wherever he is in the world, and also (if you’re feeling game) the ability to “sync” your phone to The Rock’s so you can wake up at the same time he does (spoiler alert: *REALLY FUCKING EARLY*).
The best part about all this? There’s no snooze button. Because you can’t smell what The Rock is cookin’ if you’re snoozin’.

From this historic day forward – I’m waking your ass up;). The #RockClock has arrived. This app is FREE. Download NOW in my bio. We’ve spent over a year engineering this app for you. Our goal was create a free, direct, uncomplicated, cool, motivating app to help us all get after our goals every morning. I also wanted to totally disrupt the traditional “morning alarm” system we all use on our phones. We created fun, cheesy bad assery alarm tones (yes, that’s me really singing and playing guitar to wake your ass up;) and one of my favorite features of the #RockClock is the dreaded snooze button does not exist. Absolutely BEST part of #RockClock is that I’ll be able to track all your goals and you’ll track mine. We’ll chase our greatness and kick some ass. Or get our asses kicked;) Either way, we’ll do it together. Enjoy the free app, share your goals with me and world by using the hashtag #ProjectRock. I’ll be shouting you guys out personally via video messages on this app, so let’s chase our greatness, get after it and as always have some fun along the way. Aaaaand one more thing.. there’s also a function where you sync your phone with mine and you wake up when I wake up. But your candy ass probably ain’t ready for that kinda magical action ????. #RockClock #ProjectRock #ByeByeSnoozeButton #HelloGreatness

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The Rock Clock app is available now, for free, on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.
Source: Project Rock.