The Rock Is A Hero, Helps Save Sick Puppy Who Shares His Name

The Rock, in addition to being one of the first-ballot best people in the world, absolutely fucking loves dogs.

We’ve already covered the saga of the man born Dwayne Johnson adopting a pair of super adorable French Bulldog puppies, saving them from drowning, and sadly having to say goodbye to one of them.
But The Rock’s mighty heart has enough love for all of the world’s little furry mates, and one precocious scamp in particular has caught the eye of The Great One.
A 4 month-old scruffy looking and badly mistreated buddy was sadly dumped at North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, looking gaunt and with a large wire wrapped around the bottom portion of his mouth – the removal of which required bolt cutters and 17 stitches.
Although that wound is now healing well, the news only got worse. A cursory check up uncovered a Stage 5 heart murmur – a severe affliction that will require either surgery or constant medication.
Knowing the battle he has ahead of him, the shelter gave the four legged legend the name Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the newly minted People’s Pup was subsequently taken in by rescue shelter Saving SPOT.
But treatment for his condition is not cheap, and thus the shelter set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his life-saving medical costs.
And this is where the human version of The Rock showed up.
Having caught wind of the pup’s name and ailment, The Rock threw in $1,500 of the $5,000 needed for the campaign to reach its goal – which it now has.
“Knowing that “the Rock” has got Dwayne the puppy’s back, we are confident he will be a fighter and make it through this. Thank you all for your generous donations- thanks to you we have met our goal.”

If you smell what The Rock is cooking*.

Photo via GoFundMe.

via TMZ.