The Queen And Meghan Are Heading Off On A Jaunt & Can We Come Too Please

Royal wedding mania may be over but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about every single thing the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex (neé Meghan Markle) is up to. In fact, I just want to know everything she’s doing, not in a weird stalker-y way but just a supportive “you got this girl” way. And let me tell you folks, her next official outing is set to be an absolute doozy.

The Sun is reporting that Meghan is set to join her husband’s grandmother – you know, just the Queen of England – on an “away trip” to the northwest city of Chester on June 13. It’s the first time she’s hung with the Queen without Prince Harry, so I like to think they will be having a bit of a goss about him while they’re at it.

The outlet reports that the duo will be opening the Mersey Gateway Bridge as well as the Storeyhouse Theatre, before grabbing a nice spot of lunch at Chester Town Hall. Again, I like to think this is where the Queen will pull out a series of embarrassing childhood photos of Harry and they’ll both have a good LOL about his awkward stage.

Far from your average royal road trip (I don’t even know what that would look like, but it sounds fun?) the pair will be taking the Royal Train to their destination, a luxe nine-carriage locomotive that the Queen sometimes uses for travel within the UK.

The Queen doing some important things on her train in 2002. Image: Fiona Hanson / Getty

The train is super-exclusive, and only The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla are able to use it. The Sun added the spicy aside that Harry, Prince William and his missus Kate have never been invited by the Queen to travel on the train, meaning Meghan has pipped them all at the post less than a month after officially becoming part of the fam.

No biggie.