The QLD Gov’t Blocked Uber’s Emails So They Sent 15K Hardcopies By Horse

Ever gotten so mad at someone for not replying to your emails that you had them delivered by horse and cart? No? Well, Uber did, because hey: if you’ve got all the money in the world why not spend it on crazy stuff?

After Queensland passed a bunch of laws cracking down on Uber, including increased fines for drivers, Uber emailed out a link to Queensland users of the service that opened a blank email filled out with the addy of every local MP, urging them to voice their support for the service.
It turns out a lot of people did it: according to Labor MP Jim Pearce some MPs got between 6,000 and 10,000 emails, which is almost as many as what you used to get when Facebook sent you an email every time you got a notification.
When they found out that the Government had been blocking their emails, Uber took it upon themselves to make sure that they got the message somehow. I’m not super sure how doing it by horse is any more practical than doing it by car, which would seem more fitting, but it definitely makes the headline to this article more interesting.
A horse, cart and a driver with a fancy hat rocked up to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk‘s office in Brisbane with over 15,000 printouts of the emails, which almost definitely will never be read but sure make a neat symbolic gesture. 

No word on whether Uber plans to incorporate horse travel as one of the ride options, but it certainly would be the classiest way to get home before you throw up on yourself at a house party on the suburbs.
Source: 9 News.
Photo: Twitter.