420 Day is the one day of the year when society lets you recreate the hazy backstage scenes from your Up In Smoke tour DVD. Serving as both a protest and excuse to get really, really high, this unofficial weed appreciation day has been observed every April 20 since the 70s and this year was no exception. Sadly we were too confused, lethargic and deep into the debut Mars Volta record to write a proper post yesterday, so please accept this belated five point guide as a red-eyed apology. Below, five things to watch, read, wear and consume during your respective 420 celebrations.

The Pedestrian Guide To 420 Day

Watch: Mad Men Season 3, Episode 3 – “My Old Kentucky Home”

While far from Mad Men’s strongest episode “My Old Kentucky Home” is definitely among its funniest. Roger Sterling dons blackface which is inappropriate and jarring but strangely LOL worthy in its ridiculousness while a defiant Peggy Olson smokes a shitload of weed in the office. Starved of ideas for the looming Bacardi account, Peggy has a toke or ten to overcome creativity problems and open her mind to…advertising? The episode explores several stoner conundrums like how to dispose of your dealer without hurting their feelings and justifying consumption by saying it helps you work. Unless you’re a musician or professional pizza eater that’s usually not the case but for Ms. Olson and co. marijuana saves the day – and the account.

Read: Stoner Partyhttp://stonerparty.tumblr.com/

Not to be confused with Ned Hepburn’s sadly defunct Boner Party, Stoner Party is a GIF-heavy Tumblr devoted to all things sticky and/or icky. A one stop shop for dogs who look like they’re high, dank hip hop jams and out of context film stills, Stoner Party is an endless trove of stimulus made by people who get high for other people who get high. For best results read two minutes after smoking a joint and prepare to think animated GIFs are the greatest human creation since the light bulb.

The Pedestrian Guide To 420 Day

Wear – HUF’s 420 Capsule Collection

Typical weed attire includes hemp anything, left wing slogan tees, sea shell necklaces and shoes that are invisible to everyone but the person wearing them. Providing a sartorially-sound alternative must be hard but Cali streetwear brand HUF to do just that via their annual 420 themed capsule collections. The shoes might be a bit much but the weed print socks we endorse wholeheartedly. All products come packaged in a leaf print dime bag but since each style is limited to a run of 420, procuring a pair might require more effort than you’re capable of exerting. Back to the xBox then?

The Pedestrian Guide To 420 Day

Eat – Ms G’s Stoner Delight

Last year Sydney weed aficionados/lovers of carbohydrates were treated to a stoner degustation menu compiled and created by Duke Bistro duo Mitch Orr and Thomas Lim, Australia’s premiere DJ-slash-amateur-chef Andrew Levins and Lotus/Ms G’s man Dan Hong. The event was a gut busting one-off but for those with a taste for munchies of the gourmet/ridiculous variety, Hong’s Potts Point eatery Ms G’s boasts a dessert worth pausing Family Guy for. A sugar colossus made from banana ice-cream, rice bubbles, peanut brittle, chocolate and marshmallow, Hong’s “Stoner Delight” is best described as every seven year old’s death row meal and/or the meal most likely to kill you with a smile on your face.

The Pedestrian Guide To 420 DayHalf Baked photo from Yo Levins

Listen – Wavves

Wavves frontman Nathan Williams sure loves weed. He told us as much when we first interviewed him back in ’09: “Weed Demon is slang for a headspace that you kinda don’t want to be in at a certain time. It’s a nickname as well, the shack at the back of my parents house that I lived at was nicknamed “The Weed Cave” so people started calling me Weed Demon and I was just the sole proprietor of The Weed Cave.”. Sure, other music (anything hip hop) might be more conducive to getting high but Wavves makes the list for the crazy amount of weed advocacy coming from his Twitter account and for a commitment to getting high which spawned a signature line of papers and grinders.

The Pedestrian Guide To 420 Day

Happy 420 Day for yesterday everyone!