The NY Times Earnestly Assures Straight People They Can Have Gay Friends

According to the New York Times, there’s a new ‘friendship’ type on the rise and thank god there’s a name for it otherwise we’d all be lost and confused on how to label platonic relationships between straight and gay men, because heaven FORBID they be two humans just hangin’ out.
Enter, the ‘bromosexual’.
No longer will man fear that friendships with dudes that are into dudes be construed as “whoa maybe HE’S into dudes as well, considering he’s hanging out with that gay man right there”, because there’s a name for it, just to make it clear that their sexuality is extremely rigid and definitely not in contention for being in any way anything other than “extremely straight, thank you very much.”
A totally awesome and great thing about the bromosexual is that it pitches straight dudes as ‘the ultimate wingmen’ for gay men, because straight men definitely need congratulating for their brazen nature when it comes to approaching chicks.
Yep top stuff. More of that. Love to be approached with the ferocity of a lion stalking a gazelle.

Bromosexuals are everywhere too. Celebrities can have bromosexual relationships, like John Mayer and Andy Cohen, who have one of the most noted bromosexual relationships in the god damn world.

Look at them! They’re totally cool with hanging out and being friends even though one of them likes guys, and the other is probably one of the biggest players in recent history. The point is, we call massive bullshit on the notion of the bromosexual because fragile masculinity is ridiculous and people can just be friends without having to slap a label on it.

Photo: NBC.