Forget Antony Green. Forget the Sky News election team. The only psephologist you need in Australian elections is the Northern Territory‘s psychic crocodile Burt, who has never, ever been wrong on any issue presented to it.

The NT’s Psychic Croc Reckons Turnbull’s Got This Election In The Bag

Look, I’m unsure on that last point. And honestly, we’ve heard reporting on numerous psychic crocs in the Territory making all kinds of election predictions. One was named Big Wendell, another Errol. This one is Burt.

Pieces of meat were attached to photos of the two leaders, and the results are absolutely in: it’s Turnbull. Sorry folks. It’s on the front page of the NT News, so how could it be wrong?

I challenge any of the major news outlets to refute this with their so-called data

Source: NT News / Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.