The New Yorker’s Latest Trump Cover Is About As Unsubtle As They Come

Donald Trump‘s abysmal condemnation of white supremacists in Charlottesville last week, and then his shocking walk back from his earlier condemnation to claim there was “blame on both sides”, has made its way to the covers of The New Yorker, TIME and The Economist this week.

All three mags present Trump as giving rise to the white nationalism of the Klu Klux Klan or Nazis, and it’s almost a competition to see which publication can align Trump with those groups harder.

David Plunkert, the artist behind the New Yorker cover, said:

“President Trump’s weak pushback to hate groups—as if he was trying not to alienate them as voters—compelled me to take up my pen. A picture does a better job showing my thoughts than words do; it can have a light touch on a subject that’s extremely scary.”

But the white supremacist vibes of the Trump administration hasn’t been confined to magazine covers; The Guardian‘s cartoonist Ben Jennings put the white masks of the KKK on the White House itself.

The point is: when David Duke, former leader of the KKK, thanks you for what was supposed to be the easiest job in the world – denouncing Nazis – then you might not be doing this thing right.