Instagram, after 6 solid years of keeping up the fight with its original clunky camera logo, has streamlined the shit outta its icon and turned it into a big purple blob that everyone instantly hates for inscrutable reasons.

Look at it. It’s like when you first learned how to fuck around with the gradient options on Microsoft Word and made the most unbelievably fire titles for your Year 2 projects. It’s like when you watched Ryan Gosling in ‘Drive’ once and decided that retro-throwback-chiptune-80s-Miami-LA aesthetic was your aesthetic now.

They also redesigned the app to moody black & white, which they say makes the pictures stand out more. It also makes it look like a high fashion shoot, so your blurry photos of a single can of VB with hashtag #sundaysesh will look like they’re on the bloody front page of Vogue

The very notion of brand change is hellish to millennials, who are adrift in a sea of meaninglessness and must anchor themselves to their beloved brands to find even the slightest semblance of truth. They did not like the new Instagram logo.

Also, people are realising that under the fresh paintjob there’s that algorithmic timeline everyone also hates:

Go forth, Gen Y. Embrace the hatred, the confusion. Through the fire you will emerge cleansed and new, ready for shit that actually matters in your life.

Source: Twitter.