The National Maritime Museum Hired A Very Good Doggo To Scare Off Seagulls

We’ve all got our dream jobs in our heads; the lofty, almost unattainable, would-murder-a-horse-to-get-it gigs. The kind of job that only exists in our wildest dreams.

But there’s those jobs, and then there’s “be employed to simply chase seagulls off the piers in Darling Harbour and also be a dog.
That job exists, and this adorable little legend has it.
The Australian National Maritime Museum recently took on a new employee by the name of Bailey Haggarty, who is charged with the task of shooing away pesky gulls who had been shitting themselves ragged all over the piers at Pyrmont, and any vessel unlucky enough to be docked there.
Bailey, who is a rescue border collie, carries the official job title of ‘Assistant Director, Seagulls,’ and is charged with chasing the messy pests off the piers.
In the three months since Bailey’s been on the job, the piers have seen a significant decrease in droppings (though the crafty bastards have shifted their roost up to the top decks of vessels where Bailey can’t reach them).
Bailey’s handler, the museum’s head of security Adrian Snelling, stated that Bailey (who is a former working dog) has taken to his new gig with huge enthusiasm.

“Normally when there are seagulls down here, he will spot them and I’ll let him off the lead and I’ll say, ‘Bailey go’.”

“He just automatically chases the birds. He’s that eager, he just loves birds.”

Although Bailey’s eagerness has apparently gotten the better of him on a few occasions, seeing him wind up in the drink. As a result, a special doggie life-jacket has been fitted for him, which now serves as his official work uniform.

The museum encourages visitors to say g’day to Bailey, provided he’s not wearing his official life-jacket and ID tag (HE HAS HIS OWN ID TAG!) meaning that he’s on the job and prefers not to be distracted.
But when he’s clocked off? All bets are off, and all pats are on.
When he’s not herding up the flying rats of the sea, Bailey reportedly likes to have a wee kip in the security control room, or in his kennel up on the terrace above it. The staff there ensure Bailey has round-the-clock company and attention, and he generally looks like the chillest little dude in the CBD.

Source: ABC News.
Photos: Andrew Frolows, Janine Flew, Bailey/ANMM.