The First Few ‘Masked Singer AU’ Costumes Have Been Unveiled & They’re As Batshit As Ever

The Masked Singer 2020 has already found its new crop of musical stars to don the ridiculous costumes and perform for the nation.

After a period of uncertainty, the series is defs going ahead this year (although without our girl Lindsay Lohan, sadly) and the first two clues have been shared on social media.

The Dragonfly

Clue: “What’s that buzz you hear? Maybe it’s the hype for The Masked Singer Australia, maybe it’s our FIRST MASK REVEAL! Meet DRAGONFLY in all her colourful beauty.”

The words ‘buzz’ and ‘beauty’ make me think this might be an influencer or former reality star, maybe? Or maybe even a daytime TV host (lol).

The Frillneck

Clue: He’d stick his neck out for you in a pinch. Say g’day to a brand new mask, it’sss FRILLNECK!

“Stick his neck out” sounds like it could be sport-related, maybe? I dunno. These are just initial clues for now, with more deets to be unveiled soon, so stay tuned for our predictions.

The next clue will be dropped tonight, here’s the first glimpse:

Lindsay Lohan was recently forced to step down from her role as a panelist due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Despite this, ViacomCBS executive Beverley McGarvey confirmed that the pandemic would not stop the show from going ahead.

“There are other ways to do things so we’re just looking at all of our options at the moment,” she told

The Masked Singer Australia is set to kick off later this year, with an unnamed host expected to replace Lindsay.