The Last Of The RSD Trash Has Been Taken Out: Jeff Allen’s Visa Canned

Hey! Now here’s some good news!

Following on from the swift cancellation of Real Social Dynamics abuse-peddling “pick up artist” tour, word has emerged that Jeff Allen – the group’s trainer who was touring the program in Australia – has had his visa revoked by the Immigration Department, and that he has subsequently left the country.
RSD – the group peddling beyond-reprehensible “pick up artist” techniques that often involve emotional manipulation, physical intimidation, verbal intimidation, physical threats, verbal threats, sexual threats, and often just out-and-out physical and sexual assault – was somehow allowed back into the country after group leader Julian Blanc was very publicly booted over a similar planned tour in 2014.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed a “person associated with this particular movement” has had their visa revoked, following the public outcry. The ABC confirmed that person to be Allen.
Dutton praised the work of the Immigration Department in sorting out the issue.

“The department has already moved very quickly to tidy this situation up. Full praise to the department and the officers who have identified these people, who are completely without legitimate cause to be here, don’t meet our character tests and in this instance the visa has been cancelled.”

‘Course that statement ignores both the fact that Allen was allowed into the country in the first place, the petition that attracted nearly 67,00 signatures calling for Allen’s visa to be torn up, the ShutDownRSD movement that worked tirelessly on social media over the past few days, the echo chamber of voices from other political parties such as the Greens, the previous history RSD has with Australia, and the general public backlash to the whole sordid incident.

But that’s another story for another day.
Allen reportedly left Australia of his own volition on Sunday evening, and his Australian visa was subsequently revoked in its entirety.
From the bottom of all hearts, Mr Allen, don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. Heaven forbid you ever cop unwanted contact in that region.
Or, to put it another way:
Photo: ABC News/Twitter.
Source: ABC News.