The King’s School in Parramatta snitched on one of their own teachers for attending the anti-lockdown protest in Sydney, and honestly this is the savagery I aspire to embody.

In a post that was seen by a bunch of students before it was taken down, a teacher said he attended the “anti-lockdown, freedom protest” on Saturday which he described as “overwhelming [sic] positive, peaceful and inspiring.”

“As usual, the media has focused on a handful of non-representative grubs to create a narrative,” the post read, reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“This is me standing up for what I believe in rather than being a keyboard warrior, a pacifist, or worse, a coward in my own mind. I live with me in the mirror.”

Damn, this man really thinks he’s the main character.

“I do not believe in living in fear. I do not believe the propaganda. I do not believe in unjust house arrest … I stand for all students. I stand for all those families who are stranded, isolated and suffering …. I stand for freedom. I love you.”

The teacher has since been suspended from King’s and reported to police by the school.

“While I appreciate that people are free to hold their own views and beliefs, this does not extend to their behaviour and conduct,” The King’s School headmaster Tony George said in a letter to parents.

“It is the mark of civil society that we should be able to engage in healthy debate and respect each other’s views, but this must be in a safe, lawful and respectful manner, at all times.

“Consequently, the matter has been reported to police by the school, and the staff member has been suspended from duties,” he said.

The irony of a Sydney private school preaching respectful behaviour is not lost upon me, and I know that nobody likes a snitch – but when you’re going to risk an entire community’s health and safety… well, maybe sometimes you have to pay the price.