The Internet Savaged Donald Trump Jr.’s Off Base Appeal To Young Voters

Okay, straight facts: Donald Trump’s election campaign has mobilised millennial American voters, but many are from the feral, “reeee”-screeching, chicken tendie-loving subculture we’ve come to understand as the “alt-right.” 

Are they passionate? Yes. Will they cast votes for their God Emperor? Yes. Will that vote count come close to matching the seventy trillion insipid Pepe memes they’ve excreted thus far? Look, it ain’t likely. 

With that in mind, it’s apparently come down to the Trump children to reach out to a broader base of young Americans, and the latest attempt to woo that sweet demographic came from Donald Trump Jr. this morning.

Taking to Twitter (where else, really) the latest salvo of pro-Trump rhetoric focuses on the candidate’s supposed outsider status. Oh, and it comes with a corker of a family photo, to show they’re just like us:

The sheer audacity of that piccie, and how blatantly it tries to convince the average voter they’re not all that different, was set upon with predictable ferocity by, oh, anyone capable of parsing the image’s unintended subtext.

Noted Trump-stumper Chrissy Teigen was among the first to have a spray:

Partner (in crime) John Legend also weighed in:

From there, it was up to Judd Apatow to draw links to a pair of notorious brothers who killed their entertainment industry parents in the 80s:

And then came a torrent of users piling on the, uh, cinematic parallels the photo presented:

So, we guess if the campaign wanted to reach voters who idealise hyper-capitalist right wing satire… Job done. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Twitter.
Photo: Donald Trump Jr. / Chrissy Teigen / Twitter.