The Internet Reacts To A Touching New Christmas Ad In Typical Fashion

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, that’s what British retailers would like you to think. In recent years, early November has marked the start of the big-budget, high-concept ads from a slew of UK businesses have pushed into the public conscience, just in time for Christmas. 

You might recall this absolute tear-jerker from Sainsbury’s, boasting production values that could rival some Hollywood blockbusters.
Great. Now, take a breath, collect yourself, and realise that ad isn’t just for a benevolent charity – it’s for a British SUPERMARKET.

As the nuclear arms race that is Christmas advertising only heats up, John Lewis released 2015’s first salvo yesterday with Man On The Moon. Of course, as sci-fi space films have been this year’s bread and butter, the ad sees a lonely, elderly gentleman camped out up there in the darkness. Suddenly, he’s found by a little girl on Earth. The rest proceeds as you’d expect.

Of course, it’s all very touching stuff. Still, the cold, calloused heart of the internet isn’t having your lovely sentimentality, Mr. Lewis. Not one bit. 
Twitter users called out the ad’s scientific inaccuracy – how could that guy even breathe up there, huh? – with brutal swiftness. 

Some smart alec even took the time to outline what exactly would happen to the old chap if he did find himself on the atmosphere-free surface of the moon. Spoiler: it ain’t pretty. It didn’t even take long for someone to mash the thing up with some good ol’ Star Wars hype. 

While it’s good to see creative-types flex their muscles with some engaging storytelling, the internet has spoken: Nothing is sacred. Not even your beautiful little Christmas shorts.

Story via Telegraph.