The Internet Is Going Wild For This Thoroughly Punchable Trump Cake

Certainly one of the more insane things to come out of the US election today was the extremely creepy Donald Trump cake that was rolled through the doors of Trump Tower as a gift earlier on. It is… extremely good.

The cake, unfortunately, was denied entry to the Trump election party going on in the tower, presumably because Trump doesn’t want to behold a vision of his own flagging mortality while watching the polls roll in.
The internet promptly lost its mind – yes, a crying Jordan materialised almost immediately, do not fret – and a rich vein of meme content sprang forth:

It is one of those rare memes which kind of works with anything – whack Trump’s sodden, weird, downturn cake head on literally anything and it kind of just works.

There you go. Trump cake. Whoever wins, the loser should be forced to eat it while sobbing.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.