The Internet Is Extremely Unsure About Our Preppy New Olympic Uniform

Australia unveiled its 2016 Olympic uniform today, and nobody quite knows how to respond to it.
How can we put this? It looks like a private school uniform. It looks like a ‘my daddy owns two yachts’ uniform. It looks like the outfit you’d wear to the world’s worst croquet club. It looks like an outtake from the costume department for the 1993 Melbourne Cup telemovie re-enactment.
Frankly, the uniform has some problems.
The green blazers with greener trim are one thing, but the shoes… the shoes…
Twitter obviously arced up very quickly about this questionable uniform situation, in trademark form.

Once again, the sartorial elegance of our national athletes is besmirched by the cruel and unthinking hordes online.
But seriously: what’s going on here? Why have they taken the Geelong Grammar uniform and used it to represent Australia? So many questions… so little time.
Source: Twitter.
Image: Getty Images / Matt King.