The Internet Is Dunking Hard On Barnaby Joyce ‘Cos This Shit’s Getting Old

There’s not a huge amount the regular Australian can do about the seemingly endless stream of politicians running afoul of the Australian Constitution’s Section 44: we can either ask why the powers that be are yet to reassess that finicky piece of law, or we can have a snarky chuckle at how ridiculous it all is.

Your pals online have, by and large, chosen the latter option after Barnaby Joyce revealed he may be a Kiwi.

Scott Ludlam, the Greens senator who dropped out of Parliament after being informed of his own dual-citizensip with New Zealand, offered this take:

His former party companion Adam Bandt went a step further, and posted this ominous screenshot of the New Zealand government’s own citizenship website:

Others have been way more light-hearted with the Nationals leader, imagining a world in which the Tamworth fella had to choose his allegiance:

Of course, Joyce’s other big news story of recent memory was relitigated for laughs:

And journo Deborah Knight even took the opportunity to air this piece from a couple of weeks back:

Should the High Court find Joyce is actually from across the ditch, expect the tweets to get even spicier.