Amid the furore over yet another Greens senator, this time Larissa Watersresigning from Parliament due to their overlooked dual citizenship, the Australian social media-raving public found themselves a new hero, or at the very least a new subject of national fascination.

They discovered Brissy Greens city councillor Jonathan Sri, and his (partner’s) jaunty rainbow scarf – because we don’t all have to be dressed in mourning clothes while democracy crumbles around us. Sri was invited to speak at Waters’ press conference as the only remaining elected Greens official in Queensland

He also dropped this lengthy statement on Facey, saying that he remains hopeful about the Greens’ future in Queensland:

Losing Larissa like this so close to a state election is undeniably a solid blow, but one of the great strengths of the Greens as distinct from other more hierarchical political parties is that we are far more than the sum total of our elected representatives. We are a movement comprised of thousands of volunteers and supporters who push for change through many different avenues using a diverse range of tactics, and we will continue to do so. 

If anyone thought that a setback like this would extinguish a movement like ours, they clearly don’t understand how brightly these fires are burning.”

Sadly for Sri, we, the people, are not talking about Dutton, or even Waters rn. We are talking about fashurrn. 

Some people were less than impressed with Sri. 

This of course encouraged the media-Twitterverse to find out more about the councillor – or at least, everything without having to actually traverse policy. 

It was all starting to get a bit much.

Leaving only the most important question:

Brb, trying to find a rainbow scarf to warm my cold, dead media heart. 

Photo: Kerrin Binnie / Twitter.