We’ve teamed up with Flight Centre because they’re all about those sweet work perks, from discounted travel to an uncapped income. Lucky for you, they’ve got a bunch of positions available rn. Check ’em below and find out more HERE

But once in a blue moon you can find yourself frothing over the benefits of your particular gig, especially when you can smother it in less-fortunate friends’ faces. Indeed, we are cruel and one-upping human beings, but sometimes you’ve gotta be grateful for the hand you’ve been dealt.

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10

Below: the best industries to slide into should you want all of the work perks.


Everyone wants a job that incorporates travel — don’t kid yourself. We’ve met people who have been legit international holiday testers (you know, casually test driving experiences, hotels, restaurants abroad etc), but let’s be real, the probability of landing such a sweet gig is low. 

Your best bet is to go for something more achievable, like a flight attendant or travel consultant, because you’ll be venturing across the globe faster than you can say McFlurry. Take Flight Centre, for example, which’ll fully immerse you into the wonders of the world and give you discounted travel, travel insurance and a lil’ something called famils. What’s a famil, you ask? Oh, you know, just a little trip overseas every now and then to familiarise yourself with certain countries. Did we mention their HQ has a waterslide, rooftop bar and museum?

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10

That’s only the tip of the iceberg too, with more benefits like free financial and medical advice. Check all the positions available + other perks HERE.


When you work in media, you tend to get free stuff because PR companies really, really want you to showcase their client’s product (no matter how irrelevant it might be to your publication or show). Whether it’s delivered straight to your office desk or given to you in a goodie bag at an event, sometimes you feel like you’ll never need to go shopping again. If you happen to work in beauty or fashion, there is no limit to how many hair sprays or gels you’ll have stacked under your bed. 

You also get to go to a shitload of events and meet A / B / C / Z-grade celebrities while throwing endless free drinks down the hatch. It’s a fun time, with the only downside being concerns for your liver, fake friends and a bursting ego.

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10

Media’s a hard industry to crack into, but it’s one hell of a broad sector with positions ranging from writers to presenters, producers, videographers, editors, PAs etc etc etc. If you wanna lap up the grog, do your research and find out if there’s a spot for you on the media spectrum. 


Besides the obvious of helping sweet, impressionable souls learn and raking in that emotionally rewarding feeling, teachers truly have the best holiday sitch – they take holidays at the same time as the kids do.

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10

We know it might’ve been a while since you walked through the rusty gates of an educational institution so we’ll break it down for you. A TWO WEEK HOLIDAY EVERY 2-3 MONTHS, PEOPLE. Then, the real killer, a six-week breather over Christmas. That, friends, is enough to make even the most child-unfriendly love kids. 

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10


Research by Glassdoor earlier this year showed that finance, IT and manufacturing jobs offered the best perks, namely because of the demand / competition for employees in these sectors. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, said:

“Workers who have the most access to benefits and the best benefits are always those with the best bargaining power. Software engineers or certain quantitative people in finance, for example.” 

Web / mobile app Asana offer life coaching, software company SAS have an in-house barber and nail salon, tech giant Cisco have on-site car repair services, Facebook have a free candy shop, Google have sleeping pods   seeing a trend?

The Industries You Should Be Working In If You Love A Work Perk Or 10

Also, If and when you want infants, mortgage company Zillow allow travelling employees to ship their breastmilk home for free, so there’s that too.

Big or small, it’s kind of a no-brainer that more perk = more work.

Why would you slack off if you were constantly satisfied by free breast milk delivery, you know?

You know. 

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