In this week’s typical turn of classic ‘Strayan news, an 86-year-old man shot a home intruder in the butt with a compound bow and arrow. You heard us.

The intruder, who is 29-years-old, was found and arrested in Narellan Vale this morning, according to police. He has been charged with aggravated break and enter. 

The elderly couple reported that the man had attempted to steal cash and a handbag from their home on Sunday evening. He also grabbed the keys to their Nissan X-Trail. When he tried to make a getaway in the 4WD, the 86-year-old male owner of the home confronted him and he crashed into a fence. 

The intruder fleed, and as he ran away, the man stood on the fence and SHOT HIM IN THE BUTT WITH A COMPOUND BOW AND ARROW

Somehow, after just being shot with A GODDAMN ARROW, the intruder managed to hop into a nearby parked car and get away. 

The police have released images of the bow and arrow (above), and we cannot for the ruddy life of us figure out how the intruder was able to make a getaway, because have a gander at the bloody size of it! However, police say he somehow only had bruising on his lower back. 

The Home Intruder Shot In The Butt W/ A Bow & Arrow Has Been Arrested

He’ll appear in Campbelltown Courts this afternoon. 

Meanwhile, NSW Police say the home owner could also be facing charges for his usage of the bow and arrow. 

Source: ABC

Photo: NSW Police.