The Guardian Australia Launches With News Julia Gillard Is Addicted To ‘Game of Thrones’

“The third most-read English-language newspaper website in the world,” The Guardian has this morning launched its third international digital edition with The Guardian Australia.

Launch editor-in-chief and deputy editor of The Guardian, Katherine Viner welcomed a pre-existing Australian readership of more than a million while enticing newcomers with the prospect of engaging open journalism across the digital sphere. 
Senior Australian journalists comprising the paper’s political bureau include award-winning author and commentator David Marr and ex-Fairfax writers Katherine Murphy and Lenore Taylor. The latter’s interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard kicked off the front page of the website earlier this morning, in which Gillard revealed she’s a huge fan of Game of Thrones; not surprisingly, Daenerys Targaryen in particular.
“I’m barracking for the khaleesi, the mother of dragons,” Gillard, the khaleesi from the ACT said “without hesitation.”
She continues, “I was given the DVDs over the summer period when I did get a little bit of time to watch so I watched them one after the other. I don’t get many lazy afternoons but I managed to have a few and now I am a bit of an addict. I anxiously await the new episode each Monday night. I like it because I think the intrigue between the contending families is enough to sustain the storyline. I am not usually a consumer of things with fantasy elements in it but I very much enjoy it.”
Viner will be live online for an hour from 12.30pm AEST today (27 May), to answer reader questions in the comments section below her first letter.