The Greens Want To Ban Alcohol Ads From Sport

Could this be the end of VB on your TV? The Greens have asked the government to please, think of the children, calling for alcohol advertising to be more tightly regulated in Australia, including banning it from sports broadcasts and curbing the promotion of alcohol through social media and outdoor advertising, in an effort to reduce its exposure to children, and allow young viewers to concentrate on what’s important about sport: KFC and racism*.

Acting Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said today “There’s no question that when it comes to our drinking culture we need change at all levels”, and described the ability for sporting broadcasts to include alcohol advertising at any time of day, while the Commercial Television Industry Code Of Practice disallows alcohol advertising during any other programming before 8:30 pm “a huge loophole” that “needs to be closed.”

“We’ve got a situation where young children are drowning in alcohol advertising and promotion and something’s got to give here.”

Di Natale also said “Our major codes continue to promote alcohol consumption to a very young and impressionable audience,” and has called for a senate inquiry to investigate the promotion and sponsorship of alcohol, and how it effects children. The Greens hope a ban on alcohol advertising in sport would lead to a wider-reaching cultural shift.

Cricket Australia were accused of pandering to alcohol sponsors after they censored an anti-drinking ad in October last year, telling the SMH the ad in question was banned “because it conflicted with our continuing position on the relationship between alcohol and sport, which is one of consumption in moderation.”

Acting Opposition Leader Penny Wong is reportedly happy to discuss the matter with the Greens. Probably over drinks.

*Joking, obviously.

Via SMH, Lead image by Ian Waldie via Getty.